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Established in 2008, Feed Insight Lab has now turned into an elaborate feed analysis service for our clients. Adoption of advanced technologies, instruments and methods keeps our lab results accurate and reliable, always. 

Feed Insight Labs is now live and its results can be accessed from this link. Click it to retrieve the status and results of your feed analyses. Contact our sales representatives or send us an email to know more about this service.

Based on 4 key principles, 9 criteria and over 40 parameters, our experts have designed a scorecard, called Total Wellness Index to capture all farm practices into a score for easy comparison Other services include feed digestion matrix, feed optimization and TMR particle analysis.

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Provide an easy-to-use interface to allow farmers, nutritionists, and feed formulators to assess requirements for essential vitamins and minerals for poultry, ruminant, and equine animals. Click here to download  feed insight tools app on your mobile device for free.