Lactating Cow Premix

TotalVit Max 100 is a cost-effective blend of the vitamins and trace minerals established as being essential to ensure optimum performance in local breeds and imported animals.


Lactating Cow Premix

Totalvit Pro is formulated using high quality vitamins and a blend of  inorganic and organic minerals to ensure optimum availability for the dairy animal. Organic selenium is added to ensure higher antioxidant capacity and immune response.


Lactating Cow Premix

Totalvit Super is formulated to ensure farmers reach the next level in their production and health goals by providing a blend of vitamins and a high ratio of organic to inorganic minerals. Yeast and yeast based toxin binders provide an extra boost and layer of protection for farmers.


Heifers Premix

Totalvit Grow is a blend of vitamins and minerals designed for meeting the needs of weaned calves up to the closeup period to ensure improved lactation cycles. 


Transition Premix

Totalvit DCAD is designed especially for transition cows to enable optimum DCAD balance. It consists of a blend of vitamins, organic and inorganic minerals and anionic salts.


Cattle Feed Premix

TotalVit Plus is a blend of vitamins and trace minerals designed exclusively to cater dairy concentrate manufacturers and low producing animals with a high stocking rate to increase milk production, decrease lameness and improve skin color.


Poultry Vitamin Premix

TotalVit Max 500 consists of twelve essential vitamins formulated for poultry birds to extract total potential by enhancing the immune system and acting as a biological catalyst.


Poultry Mineral Premixes

TotalVit Max 500M and 1000 provide a blend of minerals established as being essential for supplementation in high performance poultry feed to fulfill the genetic demands of modern poultry strains.

EquiPro Balance

Equine Premix

Totalvit Equipro Balance is a blend of vitamins and minerals essential for the maintenance of high performing equine animals. The formulation ensures higher immunity, hoof health, shiny coat and a speedy recovery. 


Organic Minerals

TetraMin Poultry and Dairy are a blend of organic zinc, manganese, copper and selenium to be used to top-up feed formulations  with highly bioavailable minerals to enhance health and immunity and alleviate problems caused by mineral deficiencies.


Organic Minerals

7-Max is a premix for ruminants consisting of 7 of the most essential minerals in organic form including Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Cobalt, Iodine and Chromium. 7-Max can be used to fortify existing rations to ensure optimum health for animals.


Inorganic Selenium

TotalSel is an inorganic source of selenium to be used in animal feed rations providing good mixability and homogeneity of selenium in premixes and final feeds. 

Other Products


Rumen Buffer

A quick acting, long lasting rumen buffer to help prevent acidosis. A cost-effective alternative for sodium bicarbonate and marine algae in feed while providing prolonged protection and enhanced buffering capabilities.

Total Tuff

Pellet Binder

A low inclusion feed pellet binder that is designed to deliver significant fines particle reduction, increased PDI and energy savings.


Basic Macro Materials

A line of feed-grade commodity items including Magnesium Oxide is provided.


Tailormade Solutions

Tailor-made solutions developed to address specific customer needs, increase efficiency and decrease costs developed in collaboration with our technical team and customer nutritionists.

We have on hand in ready stock a complete range of vitamins, inorganic and organic minerals to easily customize any solution.