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Feed Insight

Mobile App

Feed Insight Tools is an innovative mobile application that allows customers to get precise requirements of vitamins and minerals from poultry, ruminant and equine animals. Tables and charts easily point out deficiencies and surpluses making Feed Insight an essential tool for farm owners, nutritionists and feed manufacturers. 

Calculates the requirement and balance of minerals and vitamins for various animal species. 


Provides users with the ability to build and compare various premixes.


Allows users to create a label for submission for Feed Insight Labs analysis.


Provides mean analysis of local and hard to find samples analyzed at Feed Insight Labs.


Feed Optimization Support

Reform Feed Formulation Software

Our dedicated team of ruminant and poultry nutritionists uses our in-house tool called “Reform” to help customers in formulating balanced and cost-effective rations for better productivity and profitability from their farms and feed mills. Analysis made by our technical team are supported with accurate, real-team analysis from Feed Insight Labs. 

Key Optimization Areas

Feed Intake/Refusal
Dietary Fiber

Amino Acids
Nitrogen Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
CHO: Protein Ratios

Key Fatty Acids
Electrolyte Balance

Key Vitamins
& More


Feed Insight Labs

Animal Nutrition Analysis & Research Facility

Established in 2008, Feed Insight Lab has now turned into an elaborate feed analysis service for our clients. Adoption of advanced technologies, instruments and methods keeps our lab results accurate and reliable, always.

Proximate Analysis

A dedicated team of chemists uses various combinations of techniques and apparatus such as digestion, extraction, Kjeldahl, Soxhlet etc. to deliver accurate quantitative analysis of macromolecules found in feed.

Carbohydrate Fractions

Testing non-structural and fiber fractions of carbohydrates is very important for successful feed formulation. We can analyze a variety of feed materials to check starch, NDF, ADF and other CHO materials.

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Our capability to test major grains, brans and meals for proximate and amino acid content enables our customers to balance their rations and save money on amino acid content. Our NIRS results are quick and enable efficient purchasing and decision making.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Our team has gained matchless expertise in testing for the recovery of vitamins in premixes, amino acid analogue molecules and novel chemicals using HPLC. We use this service to aid in the quality control of our own premixes as well as assisting select customers to make informed choices.

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Today, a lot of research is available on the mineral requirements of various species of livestock animals. We use AAS as a tool for quality control and also provide a service for testing minerals and heavy-metals to our select customers.

Other Facilities

We closely engage and collaborate with our customers for the addition of new tests and services we can offer for their benefit. Our technical team collects samples in a scientific way to mitigate sampling error to deliver reliable data for accurate decision-making.

Farm Insight Services

On-Farm Visits & Analysis

Total Wellness Index

Based on 4 key principles, 9 criteria and over 40 parameters, our experts have designed a scorecard, called Total Wellness Index to capture all farm practices into a score for easy comparison.

Feed Digestion Matrix

Our technical team is equipped with specialized tools to check the physical parameters of feed digestion. Tests are performed on-site for which appointments can be set with our field staff.

TMR Particle Analysis

We help our customers dig deeper into the physical characteristics of their rations. Our TMR particle analysis test provides insight about various components or the feed.

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