Started in 2008, Feed Insight Labs (FIL) has now turned into an elaborate feed analysis service for our clients and the animal farming and feed milling community in general. Adoption of advanced technologies, methods and ring-testing keeps our lab results accurate and reliable, always.

Every day dozens of feed materials are sent to our lab for testing for various nutritional parameters. Majority of them conform to the generally accepted profiles of those raw materials. However, starting August 2021,  analysts at FIL started finding that a large variation in phosphorus based minerals feed sources i.e. Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP). In Pakistan, majority of DCP is imported from China and due to application of energy usage bar on phosphorus manufacturing sector in Yunnan area, phosphoric acid production hit a low. Consequently, impacting the supplies of DCP in the dependent countries, including Pakistan.

Majority of samples having low phosphorus content had higher calcium content as well, indicating that calcium carbonate, a cheaper source of calcium in Pakistan, was being added. However some instances showed that phosphorus and calcium both were on higher side. We believe that higher demand and rising prices have made people to try some other calcium sources i.e. calcium oxide etc.

Therefore, we advise all feed millers and farmers to remain cautious and get the supplies tested before use as there is huge chance of low phosphorus content and its bioavailability. Average values of samples tested at our lab are as follows.