Total Nutrition (TNPL) is proud to announce that it has become the first ever animal nutrition business in Pakistan to achieve GMP+B1 certification for production , trade and services. GMP + is the biggest and most elaborate feed certification scheme in the world. GMP stands for the “Good Manufacturing Practices” while the + sign represents integration of HACCP principles. Getting certified for this prestigious standard means that our customers can be sure that our products are not only safe for the farm animals but also for the entire food-chain attached with them.

TNPL team celebrating the certification achievement.

GMP+ Feed safety assurance certification is a license to sell in many countries around the world.

TNPL is a major animal nutrition business in Pakistan focused on emerging markets around the world. We are committed to provide best quality products and services to our customers so that they can create a shared and sustainable value for all involved and GMP+ B1 is a stepping stone in this direction.