With Core Values
at Our Heart

We share our stated position on various industry-related issues and challenges for a joint effort towards a sustainable future.

Climate and conservation

Shifting weathers, erupting wildfires, extreme environment and compromised farming ecosystems are manifest of the greenhouse gases to which livestock industry contributes to. We think there is lot more to be done and we will continue to promote the causes of sustainable environment by reducing our own footprint by innovative production of  environment-friendly products and by encouraging our stakeholders, employees and partners to adopt the same.

Feed safety and quality

We commit to achieve excellence in our products & services. We control minimize and eliminate any risk to product quality and feed safety by complying with prevailing standards. We  strive to delight our customer by:

  • Using appropriate technology and following good manufacturing practices (GMPs).
  • Implementing quality inputs and process control, efficient communication and cost effectiveness with available resources.
  • Securing material, free from physical, chemical and microbiological contamination in supply chain.
  • Ensuring competencies and communication on policies and feed safety to relevant stakeholders.
  • Compliance of statutory and regulatory requirements and also with reference of national and international standards.
  • Continued improvement in the  feed safety management system.

Equal opportunity

We are building a workplace based on merit and fairness. To promote equal opportunity we adhere to the following rules.

  • Hire and promote people on their skill level in alignment with the business requirements.
  • Never discriminate against any applicant or employee based on their age, race, religion, color, orientation or gender.
  • Never discriminate on their compensation, promotion, transfer, training or demotion.
  • We encourage openness so that everyone feels comfortable and contributes the best possible way.
  • We maintain a peaceful and safe workplace. This includes zero tolerance on bullying, violence, threats and harassing.

Work ethics

To compete in a manner which is ethical and respectful, we have listed the following policy statements.

  • We build lasting partnerships.
  • We disclose our conflict of interest and resolve it amicably. 
  • We give and accept gifts that are in accordance with our ethical policy. We never bribe people for gains.
  • We communicate in  a clear and direct way.
  • We protect copyrights, trademarks and business interests of ourselves and our partners.