Successfully started exporting Camel & sheep/Goat premix to the Middle East.

Achieved FAMI-QS certification for the production facility.


On December 10, 2021, Total Nutrition got certified for ISO 9001 (QMS) and ISO14001 (EMS). 

On October 18, 2021, Total Nutrition [GMP055283] got certified for GMP+ B1 production, trade and services of premixes.

Successfully achieved Certification of Halal Food Management System (PS 3733:2019) under the scope  “Production and trade of animal feed ingredients”


Increased our sales team by 50%. Expanded our operations in KPK and South Punjab.


Reorganized our services under service mark of “insight” covering feed and farm segments.

Expanded production capacity by 100% after installation of new premixing unit at Lahore.


Started developing feed additives other than already successful line of TotalVit products. Acumen was first to be developed, tested and commercially marketed. 



Pilot production facility was expanded and good manufacturing practices were incorporated as a policy. Traceability of the products was improved.


Vitamin and mineral premixtures were developed. Pilot production unit was setup.


Major changes in sales and marketing structure were made. Technical staff was inducted to lead specialty sales.


Total Nutrition was incorporated and started the operations as trading firm of feed raw and specialty materials.